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Federal Authority:

Headquarter of this governmental level is Royal Palace, Pachodo which was built in 15 Century. The head of government is His Highness, Reth (king). Nyikango founded and ruled the Chollo kingdom. He inherited powered to Nyajowk (meaning son of God) or Reth (King). The power of Nyikang and Reth is divine. It is uses to maintain peace in the realm, to monitor the administration of justice and to uphold law. Reth summons chiefs (Jagos) to Pachodo when necessary or delegates his representative (Showg Reth) to chiefdom. He/she endorses elected chief, advises, appoints and fires chief. The current Reth (king) is His Highness, Kwongo Dak Padit.

History and culture

The Chollo and the Anyuak are the closest related members of the Luo Nilotic groups, many of the words in the Chollo language are made up of words from dha anywaa or the Anyuak language. Historically, the Chollo were led by a king Reth who is considered to be from the divine lineage of the culture hero Nyikang, and whose health is believed to affect that of the nation. Formerly, their society was fairly hierarchical, with castes of royals, nobles, commoners, and slaves. Like most Nilotic groups, cattle-raising formed a large part of their economy; however, agriculture and fishing were more significant than usual, and most were sedentary. The Shilluk people created the Shilluk Kingdom which existed in Southern Sudan since (1454 to Present).


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